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Youth, Community & Earth

We are committed to sustainability. Over the last decade we have concentrated our efforts on three core pillars: Youth, Community and Earth. The Rome Cavalieri has committed to reaching carbon neutrality, as well as becoming plastic free. The first important step in the journey is our Green Key certification in 2019 – the first in Rome – with successful recertifications in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

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Our accomplishments

  • Reduce by 780 tons our carbon footprint
  • Plant 74,000 trees
  • Reduce consumption of fossil fuels by 330 tons
  • Save the equivalent of 2 olympic sized pools of water
  • Serve 6,624 hot meals from excess banqueting and events food with Equoevento
  • Recycled 800 kg of soap bars and 910 kg of plastic from bathroom amenities with Clean The World
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Our ongoing commitment to sustainability

We continue to take the necessary steps to meet our commitment to sustainability including substituting plastic with compostable alternatives, looking for alternatives to single use items, finding ways to save water and energy and championing community outreach programs that reduce food waste and restore local parks.

Guest Relations

Please contact us at
+39 06 3509 2178