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Terraces for parties at the top of Rome, high class private dining, a study fit for world statesmen; each of our suites is an extravagant space, home to an invaluable art collection from three centuries.

We are pleased to offer a complimentary one-way transfer from the airport to the Rome Cavalieri when you book at full price via the Rome Cavalieri or Waldorf Astoria website one of the following suites: Alcove, Park, Superior, Premium, Napoleon, Petronius, Planetarium or Penthouse.

*Terms & Conditions: offer not valid for complimentary or Hilton Honors upgrades, reward bookings, promotional rates or bookings placed on other websites

Penthouse Suite

Rule over Rome from your hilltop panoramic terrace. The suite’s grand aristocratic interiors are juxtaposed with a valuable Andy Warhol series.

Planetarium Suite

Party on the rooftop, plunge in the whirlpool, sink into your designer sofa and enjoy the the masterpieces, dotted around with classy casualness.

Petronius Suite

Petronius Arbiter was courtier to Emperor Nero and literally the era’s arbiter of fine taste, he would have adored this opulent suite.

Napoleon Suite

Styled for an emperor with a handsome Napoleonic desk and an exquisite set of antique furniture with Sèvres porcelain inlays.

Premium Suite

‘His and hers’ balconies to enjoy the pines swaying around the royal blue pool, while Rome calls for her own attention like a glittering Venus.

Superior Suite

A balcony to enjoy the pools and private park below, perfect for relaxing after a long day of exploring Rome.

Vista Suite

Check out the monuments from your room, the National Monument and St Peter’s basilica, then zip down the hill for a closer view.

Park Suite

Enjoy the breeze sweeping the pines around the pool and watch as golden hour settles over their verdant branches.

Alcove Suite

Hop, skip and dive onto your ‘floating featherbed’, and cosy up in the eponymous alcove of these cosseting suites.

Personal, private and a little more pleasure

All suite reservations include complimentary access to our Imperial Club. No need to appear in public for breakfast, it is served in this members only lounge.

Anytime of day, drop by for light food, taste our diminutive take on the Waldorf salad, or the ravishing tea service. While your partner finishes dressing, come and mix yourself an evening cocktail, clink ice in crystal above the sweep of Rome, at the foot of Monte Mario.

Our Suite guests are also welcomed to the Cavalieri Grand Spa Club, giving you access to the pools in the park and the spa, the gymnasium and the misty confines of the Roman style baths.